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April 28, 2008
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It was a gorgeous sunny day in San Francisco. Phoenix was working as an attorney at law and often prosecuted murderers and criminals, but of course sometimes he was forced to defend them. He had always wanted to become anthro. He stood 6'3 inches and weighed 211lbs. He had a slight build and was very agile thanks to martial arts training. He had dark brown hair and kept it fairly long and behind his head in a ponytail. Anthros had become a major thing recently, and the reason he had yet to undergo the transformation was that it took a decent period of time and he was being given little time if any off of work.
                 As the days wore on, he began having weird dreams as he slept. He kept dreaming about what he thought as a sexy vixen. A big 600lb+ vixen with a pair of designer glasses, red fur, blonde hair and like him she was an attorney. But the odd thing about this, was he had a first person view of it. He'd wake up every morning drenched in sweat as if he had just awoken from a nightmare. But how could having a close up view of an SSBBW be a nightmare if it was your preference of females? This was something that made little sense to him.
                 "What the hell is the big deal with this freaky dreams? Is something happening to me or something?" he asks himself one morning while in a quandary. He shook his head as his primary focus seemed to be directly on these dreams. Something about them seemed to fit some of his desires, but some aspects and how they often ended and the way he woke up suggested something was array. As to what, he had yet to find out. He headed into work in his 2006 Porsche 996 GT3 and uses the sports car's speed to help him think as he approached and passed 160mph.
                 Of course, this was not unnoticed by a San Francisco motorcycle cop. Phoenix was pulled over right quickly and hands his driver's license to the officer who gave him an odd look. Not the look from a cop that stated you had done something you shouldn't have or something stupid. But more like "What the hell?" and Phoenix finds a thin layer of reddish orange fur over his arms and he blinks and the color seems to vanish. He shakes his head as the police officer comes back and gives him his license and a citation for 454$ for speeding. Phoenix simply rolls his eyes after the cop walked off and peels out. He had a fast car and was determined to get every ounce of horsepower out of it.
                 At work, Phoenix requests some time off because he wasn't feeling all that hot. A quick check from the doctor they had there assured he had a slight fever and that a few days off might be necessary, but a few weeks off would work better because of the amount of stress dealt with in this job could create. So, Phoenix exits the building and walks past a line of cars and stopping to take a closer look at a rare Bugatti Veyron, he sees his reflection in the side view mirror and meeps as he saw the large vixen. But looking down, he saw a male human. He knew he had to be losing it.
                 Once he got home, he sat down on the couch and tried to watch some TV, but found himself heading back to his bedroom shortly thereafter and after stripping down of all his clothes, he slips under the covers and drifts off into a very uneasy sleep. He has the same dream of that vixen and finds she appears thinner this time. He watches her open up a large refrigerator and taking out all matter of sweets and desserts as well as other rich and a tad pricey foods.
                 Phoenix watched this vixen gorge on the food, taking a full rack of smoked beef and easily wolfing it down. Her stomach had a slight potbelly from this and as she ate, the potbelly began to grow at an almost steady pace. Her thighs were thickening quite well and began to press together. Her breasts were swelling and hung atop her belly and rolls of flab were beginning to form on her sides and back. Thick and blubbery cellulite had formed on the backs of her thighs and on her ass and hips as well as a nice coating on her belly. Her reddish orange fur accented her gain quite well. She had the black 'gloves' that foxes typically have.
                Phoenix watched this amazing transformation and growth with a stunning amazement. Then it became a little weird as his third person view of this gaining vixen became a first person view, and he suddenly got a train of thought that told him the name of this beauty. Her name was Amber Reed, and he thought this to be a bit odd and shakes his head, or her head. This was all very confusing.
                 Downstairs, while Phoenix was asleep upstairs, his pal Joseph Reed had entered the ritzy home, his blue Nissan Skyline was parked outside. He stood about 6ft and was bald and black in coloration of his skin. He took akin to his African ancestry. He hollers out and hears some light snoring and decided to wait for his friend to wake up. He had walked in when Phoenix was asleep before and would often wait here as there was more shit to do here. 7 gaming consoles, a gamer computer, a gamer laptop, over 2000 channels with absolutely nothing worth watching usually. He laughed a bit "Wow....2001 channels and there is nothing on....damn." he states in a bored and monotone voice and laughs some when he hears something creak upstairs and glances up.
                 Phoenix was deep in sleep and was tossing and turning because of the weird nature of the dream, but that was not what was causing the bed to creak. It was a hard oak bed that could take a lot of strain, so tossing and turning could in no way cause the frame to creak. Instead, a large form had started to grow underneath the covers. Phoenix was completely under the blankets. In the dream, Phoenix still had a first person view of things through the vixen's eyes and had watched her gorge for maybe 5-6 hours or so. Since it was the dream world, anything was possible to a certain degree. Although in the real world, maybe 2 hours had actually passed. Another thing, Phoenix seemed to be thinking less and less like himself and more like the vixen who shared many of his likes and dislikes. But, a few differences were that she liked bright and revealing clothing and nice suits whereas Phoenix preferred a more casual dress. She was also more of a mechanic then Phoenix was and had some other more girly desires.
                 As this dreamy onslaught continued, Phoenix made a guesstimate that Amber was probably close to, around, on or above her typical weight. Back downstairs and in real life, Joseph was still looking towards the ceiling and had moved towards the bottom of the stairwell as the creaking continued. Something bright flashed and he falls back and smacks his head on the hardwood floor and is knocked unconscious. Upstairs, a large figure stirs in the bed and yawns. It was not male, but female. A driver's license sat on the bed table nearby, it had the name Amber Reed on it instead of Phoenix Drake and it also had a picture of a very obese vixen instead of a slender human. The registration for the 6 vehicles that Phoenix had bought suggested Amber had bought it. And then the phone rang several times and Phoenix's boss was on the phone, but the message recorded on the answering machine was different...."Hey Amber, I knew that you wanted a slight break to see if you were actually pregnant or not, but we really need you to prosecute the druglord Ramon Rodriguez, can you come in? Call back once you get the message."
                 The large vixen sat up in bed "Ooh....I don't want to go to work." she states and waves the blonde hair out of her face and shakes her head. A knock on the door and Joseph peers his head in and then takes it back out, a look of surprise soon vanishes from his face and something is redone in his brain "Amber, you alright?" he asks after the alteration. He gets a "Yes....could you make some breakfast, I'm hongry." and he chuckles as he knew nothing on how to make breakfast. On his finger was a wedding band, and inside the bedroom was a wedding picture of him and the vixen together. He had no real preference, but knew that Amber had wanted to gain and get quite fat, so he never stood in her way and helped her. And so, a dream girl became reality, but what happened to Phoenix? Was he real? Had he existed and did this thing make him nothing? Or was he the one that had been the dream figure, the character of imagination that was no longer necessary now that Amber felt better from a stressful job......
This was a dream I have been having the past few nights and it is so amazingly real, when I wake up as a human male I don't feel myself....also, I added some intrigue at the end. Does it make sense to you?
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J-Venentum Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2008
lol that was weird but in a strange way i liked it.
XJK Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2008
lol, spanks.
Randuil Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2008   Photographer
interesting indeed...

Probably dreaming of alternate realitys.
XJK Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2008
Maybe, I dunno.
Elephantking89 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
for all you know this could happen one day
XJK Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2008
Doom7951 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2008
Weird... but in a really cool way.
XJK Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2008
Deathbreather Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2008
ooooo,great stuff kinda like a secret window plot except no murder or cheating :clap: :clap:
great twist:D :clap:
XJK Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2008
Thanks mate, I am glad you liked it.
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