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I do this stuff because I am good at it. And I do have to give credit to my current local friends Tom Troyer and Nick Hazelwood. Thanks to them, I am able to bring these snapshots here. I currently have very little due to unforeseen "things" that have occurred. This in turn has caused me to move back here. Most of my current friends are elsewhere, either back in Melbourne or in other places around the United States and/or Europe. Cars and fatties are my things and since I have a writer's block atm, car pictures is the current trend....for the time being anyways.

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I've never really done this before, and partially out of boredom, I decided to do it now. I am 26 going on 27 years old as of right now, I will be 27 on the 27th of May. I have been on Deviant Art for several years now and I have to say that this is not a Windows friendly website. I've had no Internet problems when I used it on Linux, but it really gives me problems on Windows. That aside, it is an awesome website, but I feel the main reason I pay attention these days is my love affair with cars. I've owned several and I know for the most part vehicles driven by friends and family. I could have listed them all, but that would have been long and boring. Of course, the last journal was probably long and boring anyways.

So, aside from my age, what is it that others know about me. Well, not a whole lot. I live in the United States and deal with a crappy government only because I have to. I am a furry, a lover of fat females and more recently, a brony. All three are staples of what isn't really the norm as far as the public is concerned, but the last two are becoming a bit more well known. Having been a furry for a good while didn't make it hard to jump to being a brony. The main reason I changed was so many friends kept pointing me towards the show. Keeping in mind the fact some of the friends pointing me that direction weren't furries and didn't exactly support it yet they loved this show, told me to at least check it out. So, I did, and that was all she wrote.

What do I like to do? Well, I enjoy a number of things. I do watch TV and play video games like a vast majority of the people on this site. However, I am very picky on my TV shows. Classic cartoons, MLP FIM, Bar Rescue, Bizarre Foods, Auction Hunters, Pawn Stars, Counting Cars, Top Gear UK (US version sucks), Top Gear AU, Family Guy, The Simpsons and Futurama. The last three are off and on and I sometimes watch episodes of South Park. In general, I don't watch much TV because it is all stupid. Occasionally, the new shows create a moment that is interesting or awesome, but it is usually all bullshit. So, not a big fan of TV. Especially since I can use Netflix and other similar sites to watch all the movies I want.

Other things I enjoy are photography and bike riding, though the former more than the latter with a busted bicycle and not much cash at present to remedy the problem. I was thinking about doing one of them poll things/memes I see people doing and couldn't think of anything really. Maybe I'll eventually think of something that will help people determine how 'furry' they are. Now, to me, furries includes the scalies and that likers of birds and other such anthros.

My love life......what love life? I'm single and have always been. I did and still do kind of have crushes, but mistakes and fuckups by a relative have kind of turned me off of getting a girlfriend for a good long while. Then, of course, there is the idea of just how the world works and how my likes......are out there. The big girl thing is actually not a big deal 9 times out of 10, though most women are actively trying to lose weight instead of gaining it. Plus, despite my loving of big girls, being big and very fat is unhealthy. So, it is kind of nixed because of a few reasons, with reality being the main fun sucking reason. Wow, reality continues to suck. Then of course, there are the facts of me being a furry and a brony. Both fandoms have taken an absolute shit ton of heat recently, and for a variety of reasons. Now, jumping to the other side, I do understand some of the worries and reasoning for the dislike of the fandoms, but as long as we (furries and bronies) don't go too far and keep most of our NSFW stuff concealed, then there shouldn't be a problem. So, explaining that tidbit of information isn't exactly easy to do. So, the thoughts of how to explain plus a few issues I've seen are making me postpone having a relationship. Plus, I've got a lot of other things on my plate, so another worry/expense is not really wanted. Girlfriends are expensive, and that's just the thin ones, the ones I don't find sexually attractive. Now, before you jump on me, I will say that that is all exterior. Appearance. Does it mean I'll make a connection? No. Hell, I had a real close connection with a Chinese girl that I worked with briefly and she weighed 130lbs or so if that (don't know actual weight, just guessing). She learned some bits and at the time, as a friend, she was supportive. I have other friends I've had for longer that are also supportive. Those who aren't, well....I don't need them anymore. I just wish my family was supportive. Some don't know, my brother Josh supports me, and that's about it. All support me in liking big girls, but they don't really support anything else.

So, a journal about me that turned into a semi-rant, joy. I bet most of you will be unhappy to see that. I see enough people do rants on other things that I'm annoyed by it myself. Also, whoever reads this exact sentence is stupid, so skip it and go to the next paragraph.

Did you come to this paragraph? You're a moron for reading this sentence and an idiot for reading the previous two sentences.

Okay, enough of being stupid. Anyways, I'm probably going to seem a little more distant as I try and figure myself out and what my goal in life will be. Currently, I am lacking and I think that may be part of the problem. I get on and fave a lot of artwork, but I don't post much and I don't do much else. I do spend a decent bit of time on Furaffinity, but still, I really don't do much. I've had a writer's block for over a year and a few people that I have paid money to, have not drawn some art for me. I won't be the ass that rats them out, but that and the distrust reason I had before were the primary reason I preferred requests as opposed to commissions. I pay you some of my money so you can draw something for me. I give you my money, and you tell me a time frame and then disappear. Needless to say, for that reason, I will never buy a commission again. To me, art should be free, and people who pay money for it are morons. That's my opinion. A lot of other people think differently. Namely, the people that buy art and the people that draw it to sell it. So, that, the recent changes to various Internet websites and the increasing amount of arguments that I've been having with people are making me really depressed. I guess I've been hiding it and/or lying to myself about it, but the evidence is clear as day.

So, here I am, single and alone, a gamer/furry/brony/fat admirer/photography buff with not much of a life currently and a shit load of characters that I know will never be drawn. I also want to apologize to a few artists I may have gotten pissy with at one point or another with mood swings or impatience and then improper gratitude. If one of those artists should read this or the clone on FA, don't make a note to the instance in the replies and just send me a note. My reasoning, and it isn't an excuse, is that I've had trust problems with people because....I've been screwed over a number of times. In making a request, I guess I should comment that it is a request. It can be denied and not done. Maybe I was getting impatient, but the artist could have said 'no' or simply noted me or sent me a message stating why they decided not to do it. I would have been upset, but I would understand. A request is like a suggestion, it will be done or ignored. A commission is a trade for money. A trade is a trade of art for something else, usually art. A few people that have promised me things where I have fulfilled my end, haven't delivered or have disappeared. With one or two, I think something out of their hands might have happened, but for a few others....they're just fucking with me. So, I think I'll end this before I write 100 pages.

I'm here every so often and am frequently on FA. I have Skype, AIM, YIM and MSN. I will not talk to anyone not on my buddy list, so if you are going to add me, send me a note here or on FA to tell me who you are. I've had spammers being a pain recently, so I have increased security on the messengers. So, have a good one......because it is certainly better than for me.
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Phoenix Drake
United States
I am as I appear....a decent and average furson and this is me after I finally decided to get a picture of myself on DA. It took a few years to gather trust here....but I have it now. From Greentown to Melbourne back to Greentown and now this pic here in Kokomo. Dibs on the 2 Challengers.

Current Residence: Behind you.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Why do you want to know my clothing size?
Favourite genre of music: Metal/Rock
Favourite photographer: Myself.
Favourite style of art: Don't have one.
Operating System: Pens, Staroffice, Digital Camera
MP3 player of choice: iPod Nano
Skin of choice: Fur, I am Kangaroo
Favourite cartoon character: Yosemite Sam
Personal Quote: Hey, get on with it!

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